BIMEXPO, the first european event that has as its objective to add value to the whole industry of solutions, services, networking, and knowledge for professionals implicated in BIM (Building Information Modeling) as an integral work tool through the planning/design/construction/maintenance phases of a project. BIMEXPO will take place in the FAIR of MADRID, as part of the ePower&Building exhibition, the great industry call that integrates tent-pole fairs in the energy efficiency, renovation, and construction industries: VETECO, CONSTRUTEC, PIEDRA, URBÓTICA and MATELEC.



ePower&building is the new cross-industry project, with all the solutions for the construction cycles, that has as an objective to boost innovation and contribute to revitalization of the market, by gathering 1.200 companies with the attendance of 65.000 professional visitors from the industries of: engineering, construction, installer, architecture, civil, landscaping, and business, which places it as the biggest bi-anual industry event in southern Europe.

BIMEXPO will be an event of international repercution, which has as an objective to foster business relationships between industry professionals and companies, boost brand positioning, promote BIM related products & services, and show the latest tendencies on the maket regarding technological innovations and standards.

The meeting space at BIMEXPO, is intended for architectural studios, designers, engineers, consultants, builders, developers, institutions, manufacturers with their BIM catalogs, software & application developers, specialized web services, universities, and training schools.

EXPO BIM has the support and collaboration of BIMETICA as the fair partner, co-organizer of the different activities, and BIM areas to be developed during the event. BIMETICA’s participation is based on the prominent role played by the company in the field of consulting, auditing, development and promotion of this new work methodology between the various agents in the construction environment, creating business opportunities and adding value in BIM knowledge.

Also, the Building Smart Spanish Chapter, the most important association in the BIM world, will have a prominent role in the BIMEXPO, supporting the event and representing the interests of the different building agents committed to BIM.


Bim expo will consist of various thematic areas and initiatives such as:

Exhibitor Area

Exhibitor Area will host all companies interested in participating as exhibitors, promoting face2face trade meeting, and showcasing their solutions. This approach offers companies a standard participation box model beggining from 6 m2, all equipped module, at a cost starting of € 1,365 + VAT, all inclusive.

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Jump into BIM

This promotion is aimed at exhibiting companies in ePower&Building (VETECO, CONSTRUTEC, URBÓTICA, and MATELEC), and has as an objective to boost participating exhibitors and to innovate on their product catalogues through the development of a DEMO of one of its products in BIM format (Revit® Software) without cost, both in English, and Spanish languages.

This offer, carried out by Bimetica, will allow companies to set foot in this new emerging market niche, and also to participate in the BIM LIVE DEMO competition.

The construction industry product manufacturing companies that develop one of their products in BIM, will have access to national and international projects, that each time become more demanding and competitive.

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BIM Forum

This area has a multilevel conference space by BIM themes. The conferences will focus on professionals and companies who are new to the world of BIM and want to know about different trends and options in the market and, moreover, to those agents with more specialization, who want to deepen more on innovative concepts of BIM from influential experts.

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NetworkingBIM Forum

After each BIM Conference (BIM FORUM event), a space will be made so speakers, visitors, as well as those interested in business building, may meet.

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BIM Workshop – Product&Services

This spaces is geared to BIMEXPO exhibiting companies and interested participants who wish to know the latest in BIM related products and services.

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BIMJob Point

With the purpose of encouraging demand and offers for BIM related work, an area will be made available in BIMEXPO where work interviews can be held, job searches can be done and published. All must be BIM related.

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BIM Live Demo

BIM DEMO LIVE is the BIM contest of the BIMEXPO, which will have a dynamic and interactive space where multidisciplinary teams will be participating during the 4-days of the event, designing on different BIM spaces, in order to display the options and possibilities for modeling and designing virtually at the moment.

During the BIM LIVE DEMO the different participant teams will submit their most interesting experiences and the latest developments of this new working method based on the information management generated during the lifecycle of a building. A method that must be known and mastered as a process aimed at improving quality, efficiency and effectiveness in any design, & construction project.

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Within the Architecture Awards VETECO-ASEFAVE the model with the highest score will be incorporated by BIM projects submitted .

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European BIM Forum – CEN

IFEMA, with the objective of furthering BIMEXPO´s reach and quality, sponsors the third annual meeting of the Euriopean Commitee for Standarization in BIM (CEN/TC 442), where BIM experts from around Europe will meet.


The halls of ePower&Building: VETECO, CONSTRUTEC, URBOTICA, and MATELEC, to which BIM is added, will keep their own identities and space, but will join their gathering potential in order to bring together specifiers from every area of the construction industry, as well as specialized professionals. In the words of events director, Raul Calleja: “Generating synegries and mainstreaming innovation among these sectors and fairs will be the key point of this gathering”.

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